TrustedPros Inc., Canada’s most stringent home improvement contractor review platform, has collected data from over 2 million users to inform Canadians about the 2016 home improvement market trends.

Major Decorating is pleased to be listed on the Trusted Pros website service for consumers.

TrustedPros has been helping connect homeowners with trusted home service professionals since 2004.


Data was collected from submissions to the website’s free Post a Project tool and user search behaviour over the past year.

TrustedPros’ statistics reveal home improvement trends on a provincial and national level. The information also includes project budgets in comparison to industry pricing case examples.

Canadian Home Improvement Industry Findings for 2016

TrustedPros has discovered that bathroom renovations are the most desired project of the year.

They comprised 19 percent of all renovation projects that were submitted to the website’s Post a Project tool.


Basement renovations closely followed. They comprised 15 percent of all projects submitted in 2016.

Fence construction was a significant home improvement priority in 2016. It was the 4th most popular project in Canada, and made its first ever appearance on the TrustedPros top ten list.

On average, Canadians budgeted fairly accurately for home improvement projects this year. However, Canadians had impractical budgets for floor installation, kitchen renovation, and fence construction projects.

Finally, TrustedPros found that several provinces had unrealistically low budgets for top-rated home improvement projects including bathroom and kitchen renovations.

On average, Canadians were willing to spend $7,905.80 on bathroom renovations. However, industry professionals recommend homeowners to spend roughly $4,600-$10,000 in addition to this budget.

Homeowners in some provinces had more realistic average budgets for kitchen renovations. Alberta and British Columbia homeowners had the most realistic budgets ($20,338 and $22,774 respectively), whilst Nova Scotia and PEI had unreasonably low budgets ($9,333 and $7,750 respectively).

These findings suggest that homeowners may be misinformed about industry standards. Homeowners may be influenced by industry professionals and other thought leaders across Canada who misrepresent project pricing, the cost of labour, and the cost of materials.

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