Home Renovation and Restorations Contractor, Major Decorating Ltd has been accepted onto the Baeumler Approved list of home renovation suppliers in Canada.

Major Decorating Ltd is pleased to join the Baeumler Approved list of suppliers in providing home renovation and restoration services throughout the Waterloo-Wellington Region. Since the launch of their contractor referral program in early 2012, there are about 300 contractors and firms associated with the program and the list continues to expand. Over the course of time, the Baeumler Approved program has established alliances with a variety of organizations, such as Lowe’s Canada. which will have the benefit of providing more consumers an introduction to the quality of our workmanship and track record as a top provider of home renovation and restoration services in the Waterloo Wellington region. It also allows Major Decorating to share with their peer group collective trade experiences and receive valuable trade privileges and discounts. .

major decorating restorations and renovationsbaeumler approved

The trust and knowledge that their home renovation contractor has a history of quality of service, insurance and professional certifications ensures consumers that they are dealing with a reputable firm with a history of excellent work and service delivery.

As part of a long-term strategy, the two companies hope to allow more consumers in the Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge and Guelph areas to experience our work ethic and quality. When asked about the new joint venture, Johannes Snethlage from Major Decorating Ltd said, “We are delighted to see that our work ethic and workmanship have been recognized by a peer in the industry and that we can share our experience and expertise with our industry counterparts.”.

Here is a short video by Bryan Baeumler on the Baeumler Approved List:

Bryan Baeumler of Baeumler Approved is also excited about the venture, saying “Fans are always reaching out to me seeking advice on how to select a Contractor, Tradesperson, or Home Service Company. I have established the Baeumler Approved Program to give you the peace of mind of knowing that you are dealing with someone who has a history of quality of service, insurance and professional certifications.” .

Services provided by Major Decorating’s team include:
Custom Textures
Insurance Restoration
Load Bearing Walls
Complete Commercial Design/Build
Bathroom Renovations
Complete Home Renovation
Basement Renovations
Kitchen Renovations
Institutional Renovations/Restorations


Bathroom renovations KW are an integral part of the work Major Decorating is famous for amongst its clients.

Bathroom remodeling became our expertise during the last 30 years of committed work for our customers. The Major Decorating company completed numerous projects as bath renovators, and we are proud of the positive feedback we receivedf or bathroom renovations KW.

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Remodeling a bath takes creative vision, along with experience in boarding, taping, plumbing and electronics. Likewise, our team of professionals combines all of that to deliver a beautiful, finished bathroom.

Renovations of any kind, especially bathroom renovations, can be long and arduous. This is exactly why you need to find a trusted company to remodel your bath and avoid complications and additional problems.

We can make this experience for you a good one, and not something you dread, by leaving you with an elegant bathroom you will love. We can offer all the services needed for a bathroom remodeling in one place, making it much easier for our clients.

Our company does the painting and decorating for your bathroom remodel. As a business, we are keen on keeping up with new trends and technics in bathroom renovations KW. We are bath renovators, and as such, we explore and use new technologies in application and wall covering installation, paint finishes and more.

To improve the bathroom experience, when we do the remodeling, we apply the latest trends and designs.

The realization of your idea for a bathroom renovation is crucial to us. The bathroom is one of the most visited areas of the house, and that makes it essential. We understand that you want to love the design and graphic of it, which is why, when it comes to bath paint and textures, we can offer you the following styles:

Replication of marble or wood – looks stylish and elegant, and it will cost only a fraction of the sum you will have to spend if you install real marble in your bath.
Knockdown texture – is a finishing style we can use for your bathroom remodel. It is a blotchy texture that will go very well with your bath, and it is a more intense finish for your wall or ceiling. The renovation will give your bathroom a warm, Tuscany look, along with more protection and duration than a regular flat wall finish.
Skip Trowel texture – is a very sophisticated style that adds a Mediterranean flair to any wall. The main difference between the Knockdown finish and the Skip Trowel finish is that the texture is more spaced and spread out. Both are perfect if you want to hide flaws in the ceiling of your bathroom. We can even add a bit more bravura and make your bath look luxurious by using semi-gloss or satin paint.
Orange Peel texture – will give durability and extra protection to your bathroom walls. During the bathroom renovation, if you decide on the Orange Peel texture, we add an extra layer of plaster that will guard against dings and cracks, or if they happen, they will not be as visible as with flat walls textures. As bath renovators, we recommend more textured styles to our clients who don’t want to touch up paint as often.
Old World texture – is perfect for a bathroom remodeling if you want to have a vintage, stylish look to your bath, but still stay within budget. Using Old World texture is one of the simplest ways to update your bathroom, by adding value and design appeal. You can even emphasize some unique architectural feature during the renovation using this particular texture.

Remodeling a bath needs a particular kind of craftsmanship, which is precisely what Major Decorating has to offer. The texture finishes we use during renovations, not only enhance the appearance, but they also protect the walls and ceilings and prolong durability. Our crew of professionals will make the process of bathroom remodeling easy, fast and enjoyable. You will have a gorgeous bath with quality textures.

Installing and tapping the drywall during bathroom renovations is a key fragment of quality remodeling.

Bathroom renovation has to be done correctly if you want the remodeling to be successful and long-lasting. Drywall is imperative for any remodel, not just for bathroom renovations, because it revolutionized the covering of walls and ceilings.

After the 1950’s, with the widespread use of drywall for renovations, the quality and duration improved, along with the time-frame for painting. This type of work requires a specific skill-set, practice and specialized tools, which we will apply as bath renovators.

Remodeling completed correctly in your bath will require boarding with the right screws of the correct length. After that, the installation of the wires and pipes that are not vulnerable to puncture in the bathroom will begin. Moreover, the off-setting panels are measured, so the seams do not line up. We have 30 years of experience doing bathroom renovations, and this is a perfected technique.

Tapping the walls and ceilings of a bathroom during renovation is vital. The durability of the wall texture for the bath remodel depends on the quality of the tapping. A polished bathroom look will have a fast, flawless drywall finish. The seams in the bath should be smooth and invisible, and even at the inside corners.

Trusting your bathroom remodeling to Major Decorating will provide you with professional installing, boarding and tapping of the walls.

Our company does home renovations, including bathroom renovations with complete design, estimation and construction management. Your idea about the bathroom remodel, and our expertise is the best match for achieving the perfect look. As your bath renovators, we will make sure that your bathroom makes you happy.

Bathroom remodeling can be a fulfilling experience. We can add dimension, depth and beauty to your bath by remodeling the wall texture and using modern, trendy colors. Decorating the bathroom with a special appearance of marble or wood during the renovation will give it flare.

For the bathroom remodel, we can combine your preferred architectural style with the contemporary renovation. If you want the Europian flair, we can do the bathroom in Frech style or the warm Mediterranean remodeling.

When you choose Major Decorating, your bathroom renovation is in capable hands. We rank quality control of the bath remodels as one of our highest priorities. We measure our overall achievement through successful renovations for our clients.

Major Decorating does insurance restoration, including the remodel of your bathroom.

Bathroom remodeling is part of the insurance restoration our company does during the renovation of your home. Bathrooms are a crucial part of every house, so if they suffer damage, it is best to act fast and do the bath remodel with professionals.

Major Decorating repairs damages from fire, smoke, water or mold, so you can rest assured that your bathroom renovation is in good hands. Within our team, we have restoration experts with experience in bathroom renovations, so the remodel will be fast and efficient. You will have your bath in full capacity in no time.

During the remodeling, our team will actively communicate with you about the renovation of your bathroom or the rest of your home. We are happy that we serve our clients with integrity and professionalism during remodeling or renovation projects and restoration when needed.

Bathroom renovation after severe damage can be tricky, which is why our technicians are always carrying state-of-the-art equipment for remodeling. The artistry we put in every bath remodel and how much we care about client satisfaction distances us from other companies. We are responsible for the quality of the remodeling and renovation projects we undertake for our customers.

Bathroom renovations are standard when it comes to water damage claims. Most of the fixtures in your bathroom connect to a water supply line, making the bath a seemly place for leaks. Bathroom leaks on an upper floor might also lead to ceiling damage.

Having that in mind, you should deal with bath damage immediately, and the best way is to call a professional. As bath renovators, we will take care of the restoration of your bathroom.

Your bathroom, before and after the remodel, will not show any sign of damage. Our restoration experts will fix and prevent future problems in the bath. They are professionals with experience in bathroom remodeling and posses the tools to deal with a malfunction during the renovation.

Additionally, the technologies we use as bath renovators are advanced and proven throughout many bath renovations projects.

Major Decorating brings passion and expertise to every bathroom renovations venture it undertakes.

The lasting value of a bath remodel is crucial to us. As a company, we make every renovation and remodeling experience comfortable and pleasant for our client. Our crew of experts proves that you can remodel a bathroom in a short time and in an efficient manner. We bring passion to every bathroom remodel we complete.

As experienced bath renovators, for every bathroom renovations endeavor we take, we use proven methods. We choose the initial bath design and complete the remodeling of the bathroom with innovative and cutting-edge technologies. We are bath renovators, and it is part of our job to follow the trends in the renovation and remodeling bathrooms styles.

There is one typical renovation that homeowners undergo, and it is a bathroom renovation. Research has shown that bathroom renovations are the most common type of remodels for a household.

Major Decorating has done many baths remodeling projects and can help you pick the best design for your space and budget. We know what works, and we have tips and tricks when it comes to renovation and remodeling bathrooms.

Bathroom renovation takes planning and experience, which is why is best to call a company that has invested more than 30 years in remodeling and renovating baths. One of the styles our customers love is the urban bathroom remodel.

It is a modern design that has been trending since 2017, and it will give your bath a polished and clean look. The urban model is one of the hottest bathroom styles around.

It is a luxury bathroom look for a fraction of the cost. With our expertise in replicating materials, your bath remodel can transform your lavatory in an upscale bathroom. The bold, dark colors we use during the renovation of the bathroom will add elegance. The color palette we use for the remodel features white, black and grey. The finishing touches on the walls of the bath can range from flat to textured.

We can change the palette for the remodel and go with soft colors like beige and cream. This will add to the spaciousness of the bathroom. The renovation and remodeling of your bath can be affordable even for a luxury remodel. However, if you want to spend a bit more on the renovation, we can also add a freestanding bath.

The minimalist bathroom is a trend that emerged in bathroom renovations a while back. However, minimalist bathroom styles have increased rapidly in popularity. This bathroom style is simple, but it is also chic and classy, which makes it a perfect choice for a remodel. This bath is the easiest for renovation and remodeling.

The natural bathroom design draws inspiration from natural elements. When we do the remodeling of the bath, we can replicate or use ceramics, wood and textured stone. If you prefer a high-quality renovation of your bathroom, we can replicate marble for the remodel.

If you want to use real marble for your bathroom renovation:

• Marble and Tile USA – +1 310-477-1705
• USA Tile & Marble – +1 305-471-9552
• USA Tile & Marble – +1 305-940-0021
• Surfaces USA – +1 818-765-2550

The Hamptons bathroom is classy, elegant, chic and timeless. The team at Major Decorating loves doing renovations and remodeling for this bath style. Since last year, it is becoming popular again, and the number of renovations and remodels for Hampton’s bathrooms is increasing. It is a clean design, with a cold color pallet, and it will give your bath a casual beach feel.

Construction materials and necessities you should consider for your bathroom remodeling

Bathroom remodels add value and functionality to your house. Remodeling and updating any part of your house improves its livability. However, renovating a bathroom takes planning. You need to consider the elements and the materials for the renovation.

Bathroom renovations can be complicated and costly if you do not choose the right company, which is why you should go with a trusted partner like Major Decorating, with vast experience in renovations and remodels.

We can create your dream bathroom for you. We will help you choose the right materials for the renovation, and we will remodel it according to your creative idea. Our team is fast and dedicated to every bathroom remodel project done in the past 30 years. We will present you with your options for the renovation from style to materials. The remodeling of your bath will be a smart investment.

When we start with the renovation of the bathroom, you need to choose a vanity and a sink. The right sink will alter and transform the whole bathroom design, setting the style and tone of the bath. Contemporary designs for bathroom sinks are usually clean and simple:

• Bathroom top-mount sink – elegant for ensuites baths, and it fits well with the minimalist style
• Bathroom under-mount sink – perfect for jam-packed family baths
• Bathroom wall-mounted sink – ideal for small bathrooms
• Bathroom pedestal sink – if you want to add a traditional flair to your bath
• Bathroom semi-recessed sink – very sophisticated and a good fit for smaller bathrooms
• Bathroom washplane sink – if you want to achieve a powder room look
• Bathroom vessel sink – perfect for ensuites baths
• Bathroom all-in-one sink –is practical and saves time during a bathroom remodeling

During the renovations, we install the cabinets you pick. A range of colors, dimensions and shapes is available. The vanity will balance the flair of the bathroom. If you want a traditional remodeling, you can go with polished wood. If, however, you want to add luxury to your bath, during the renovation, we will install custom-made cabinets.

Plumbing fixtures are crucial in the renovation of your bathroom. They can be functional and chic while supplying water in the bath. They are an essential part of the remodel of your newly designed bathroom.

The renovation of the plumbing can be done with numerous materials, including bronze, brass, copper and stainless steel. Bathroom plumbing features both traditional and modern styles. We can do the renovation according to your wishes.

Tiles for the wall and floor of the bath can be a big factor for a successful renovation. As bath renovators with extensive practice of remodeling bathrooms, we know that when it comes to styles and materials, the options are vast. In the renovation and remodeling practice, we are familiar with the following tile styles:

• Bath with Porcelain – the tiles are ideal for bathrooms
• Bath with Natural Stone – for rustic or contemporary bathrooms
• Bath with Glass – for the elegant and low-traffic bathroom
• Bath with Marble – for a traditional yet very sophisticated renovation
• Bath with Granite – simple, sturdy and durable, suitable for high-traffic bathrooms
• Bath with Metal – tiles used as bathroom accents
• Bath with Limestone – a natural stone in soft colors, perfect for remodeling
• Bath with Travertine – a type of limestone that adds stylishness the bathroom

Bathroom renovations trends for 2018

Bathroom renovations are always a hot topic for interior design. A bathroom remodel is a worthy project for your home that adds value to your entire house. You can go for a timeless renovation or do trend remodeling. You can update your bath with new technology or opt to remodel just parts of the bathroom.

The bathroom remodels trends for 2018 are focused on functionality, simplicity and clean renovations. Bathroom designers and bathroom renovators focus on transforming the bath into a serene place. The bathroom should appear large and spacious; the renovation should be simple and provide durability.

The year 2018 is going to be a time of renovations and remodeling, playing with materials, surfaces and elements mixed in the bath. Bathrooms will feature matte touches and warm colors. The goal of renovating the bathroom will be practicality and liberating space. Plus, the bath remodel can advance your lifestyle and save you time.

Trends for bathroom remodels in 2018:

• Dark and navy colors for the bathroom walls
• Rainfall showerhead for a fancy renovation
• Large and natural stone tiles in the bath
• Industrial lighting for more functionality in the bathroom
• New bathroom technology
• Plants to add a more natural touch to the bath

The bath remodels will feature big, bold elements. Renovations will focus on large format tiles and natural stones to expose structures in the bathroom. Bathroom designers and bathroom renovators predict that the clean, minimalistic bath will dominate the remodeling world of bathrooms.

Another exciting style for bathrooms and renovations is going to be escapism. It will outline the remodeling and renovating of baths in 2018. The bathroom will become a place where you escape and relax. The renovation will be about incorporating earth tones and remodeling the bath to resemble an outdoor setting.

One of the new trends in bathroom remodel is going to be smaller baths. Bathroom design in 2018 will be en route for smaller bathrooms, with an emphasis on productivity. Even a small bath can be comfortable with the right remodeling and usage of space. Smaller bathrooms can be just as good.

High technology is perhaps the dominant trend of bathroom remodels in 2018, from high-tech toilets and showers to sinks. These are great remodeling ideas if you consider doing renovations on your bath.The whole bathroom will become high-tech, and this is going to be an inspiring style for remodeling and renovation.

Major Decorating always keeps up with every new trend in remodeling and novel style in renovation. As bathroom renovators, we put effort into making your remodeling experience a pleasant one.

We serve you with integrity and quality, and every bathroom we remodel is a project with clients that we care about deeply for bathroom renovations KW. Our work on renovations and remodeling has always been the drive and passion for the success of Major Decorating.

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